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In the October issue:

Table of Contents

Q&A with Ted Tozer
Ginnie Mae's top executive explains the challenges presented by the fact that his issuers are now almost evenly split between banks and non-banks. He's the longest-serving president in Ginnie's history and has witnessed a lot of change. Hear what new policies are being adopted for issuers to address new risks in the system.
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Today's Housing Crisis
Allen Jones writes about the problems with buybacks and enforcement actions that have caused lenders to tighten access to credit. He writes that the problems with access can be seen in FHA endorsement numbers. In fiscal year 2014, FHA is on track to endorse about 565,000 loans. A normal year would be anywhere from 800,000 to 850,000. Jones explains why lenders have become so gun-shy about FHA and agency lending.
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